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Emmaline Pray for this 4 year old girl who has been taken ill by an unknown infection. All of her organs have shut down and she is on oxygen. Please pray for her recovery and healing.

Michael I have been struggling with alcohol addiction since i was 19, and im now 25 and in between i have been arrested, been to rehab and nothing worked i prayed and prayed i have a court date coming next thrusday and i will prolly end up getting jail time, i just need prayers for my addiction and that the court will see it

Rose sstop fluid,heal lungs.cure diseases.cancer free.heal negative past need for oxygen machine.unanswered prayer. meet all needs. protect all areas.spouse,family.

No Name Please pray for custody crder for my grandson he desperately needs security. I pray everyday for those who pray on this site God Bless

V Pray for my grandson who has numerous health problems and such a hard time in school. Pray for financial help getting hard to make it payday to payday. I pray for all who make request on this site. God Bless You all


Elizabeth Why do want to become a prayer partner: To extend the gift of prayer to others as well as unite with those who would be willing to pray for me The power of prayer is remarkable and wondrous and would love to be of assistance in opening up others to this great gift

Elizabeth Family is broken/Please pray that we find peace and our daughter realize the love that is awaiting her at home/Allow me to let go and offer up to the Lord, ease my heart

Jamie C Please pray for a total healing on my body I have diabetes and am very sick.please pray that I can be healed.I am 33 years old and already have complications . My feet, my eyes, my kidneys etc. Tonight I am having problems with my teeth. Please prayt hat I don\'t lose them. I believe in myheart that I can be completely be healed. God bless you .

No Name I pray everyday for everyone on this site. God Bless. I need prayer for a home of my own. I pray everyday for a better situation.

Becky I am unemployed after being asked to leave my job for a supposed better opportunity. This better opportunity served me absolutely no benefit. In fact, I was let go. I feel worthless and unable to hold onto my faith that there is something. I suffer from depression and anxiety and at times I feel things would be easier if I weren\'t alive. I have terrible financial management habits and constantly get caught up in payday loans. I feel ashamed and embarrassed to talk about that. I don\'t think it would be a good idea for me to have children due to my health and mental issues. Please, God, bless me with security and stability to help wash away this perpetual sadness and anxiety. I know better. I know that even though i may feel my efforts and resources are exhausted that there are infinite possibilities and to not depend on one particular method.

Vi Please pray for a financial blessing for me. I also pray for healing for my grandson who has a problem with his stomache. I pray a specialist will be able to solve his problem. I also pray for everyone who makes a request at this site. I thank god for all the blessings that i do have. God Bless

No Name Pray for financial assistance in my life. I will continue to pray for everyone on this site so that prayers are answered. Thank god for this site.

Paul Please pray that God will heal Paul of cancer and will guide the doctor in all that they do.

Jaycee Please pray for our family. Our daughter ws diagnosed with scabies today. Scabies is easy to get and hard to get rid of. please please pray for our family. My husband doesn\'t have insurance to go the doctor. Our 5year old is misirable . Please also pray for our inlaws they have had it for months and can\'t get rid of it. I am beside with worry and I knowI shouldn\'t do anything but put it in God\'s hands . Please pray for my spiritual battle as well. We just ask for his protection on our house and bodies. Please pray for protection and healing. Thank u and GodBless.


Viola Please pray for me so that i can get a financial blessing. I am shaking so bad we live with my husband who has bipolar disorder and is a screaming maniac. I pray that i can get enough money to move to a more pleasant environment. God Bless you for having this site. I pray everyday for everyone who makes a request here.

Danny Pray for danny that he may overcome his dislexia and be able to do the school work. Also pray for his health problems that he has with his stomache and intestines. God Bless everyone who makes request on this site. I will continue to pray for everyone. Also pray for our family and pray for a financial blessing.