Taking it to the streets

Taking it to streets!

 The unique thing about prayforme.us is we are are a three fold ministry.  1. We are online with an online prayer site that takes requests and passes them to prayer partners who minister on behalf of those with needs.  2. We are on International Shortwave Radio taking the outreach of prayforme.us to a global audience as we spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by the ministry of prayer. 3 We are a street ministry that you can be a part of regardless of where you live.

Prayforme.us in your city & community

The strength of this ministry is the direct one on one witness that it carries into the streets of any city or community that you may live in. Anyone can participate in the street ministry regardless of where you are located. Here is how it works upon a request from you we will send you buisness cards that simply have the Internet address of this ministry site on the front of the card.  Also on the front of the card can be your personal email address that is associated with this ministry.  Example; ted@prayforme.us you may wish to publish a phone number on your card that would be up to you or you may choose to put the ministries phone number on the card.

You then take your cards and walk the streets and public locations in the city where you live.

It could be a Wal-Mart store, a shopping center, your place of business or work.

Pray and ask God, to lead you to people who may have prayer needs as God will answer their prayers if they will only put God to the test in faith. As the Lord leads you to someone you simply hand them the prayforme.us buisness card and ask "can I put you on my prayer list".

You at that point tell them you need nothing from them other than a first name or nickname. They can remain completely anonymous.

You should let them know there is no money involved and nothing required of them other than their faith!

Write their nickname or name down and then email it to us on the prayer request form. You can send multiple names on one email.  Try to get a very brief description of what the need is and place it next to the name or nickname.

You can remind them that your email address and phone number is on the prayforme.us buisness card and invite them to call you or email you when they make a decision for Christ or when God answers a prayer.

You can get your local church group, bible study group or local prayer group involved in a new street ministry that will put members of your local community directly in touch with God's love and power.

This is an opportunity for you to reach out to hurting people and let God prove himself one on one with peace, love and answers to prayer.  Your street evangelism can reach out from any city, town or area of the USA or the entire world.

This is your chance to lead people to Christ and with no middle man or religous group in the middle!

It is a private place just for the person in need along with the prayer partner and God. This places the person in need one on one with God as he reaches out direct and meets the need of hurting people!

So pray for this ministry and lets take the gospel to the streets, to the higways & byways all accross the US and the World!


May your life be full of Gods blessings as you join us!


The prayforme.us team!