Become a Prayer Partner

Prayer is so important but in our busy lives today it is over looked and placed on the back burner. We are asking that you make a commitment to take some time away from your busy schedule to come to this site and and pray for the people listed on this site that need your prayer.  God honors and answers prayer so why would you not want to help change the lives of others through the gift of prayer?  If you are not near a computer you can simply get away for a few moments in a quiet place and talk to God asking him to consider the names on this prayer list and to undertake in the lives of these people and their needs. God already knows each and every name on this list even though you may not be able to see the names from your prayer location.
You can pray in faith for the names on the list even though you may not have access to a computer. God will honor the faith of those who have requested prayer along with the faith you exersize in asking God to honor their faith. Some days time may not permit you to follow down and mention each and every name. If you pray in faith for all the folks requesting prayer that appear on the list God will honor your prayer and answer the needs of all those on the list.
Remember God wants to prove himself to those who seek him.
Use this prayer site to reach out to God on behalf of those who are in pain and have needs.
So send our team an email and come aboard as member of this team and make a commitment to stop and pray every day for the folks who's names appear on this prayer list.

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